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Mattie Senior || 17 || FC: Freddie Highmore || Dulcis || Angel || Junior || Open

Mattie Senior has on of the biggest hearts of anyone you’ll ever meet. He is selfless and kind in practically every way. He would literally do anything for anyone who ever asked it of him without question. He is completely trusting and loyal which is great for his friends and makes friendship with him amazing. The girls of Darkwood Creek are all interested in Matt because of how sweet he is but he has no clue of their interest because he’s not typically thinking about girls and getting with any of them. He’s big on respect for women and he would never take advantage of one. His trusting nature starts to get him into trouble with demons though. Even though he’s not naive in any way, he tries to see the good in everyone, even the demons. He’s one of the only angels that is willing to be friends with a demon or at least give them a chance. The demons know this and some of them take advantage of his good nature and Matt is left regretting his choices. He’s never angry for long though, that’s part of his charm.

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